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Our debut demo using Ben's old school death metal vocal technique and Lance's new guitar set-up. 16 tracks of old school goregrind.

Every song on the album is based on true events, mainly from articles in Voice of the Martyrs monthly.

The purpose of this album was to expose persecution, which is happening to this very day, to the world around us. Especially Americans struggle with our devotion and commitment to our Savior (us included) by being lukewarm and not continually striving for a deeper relationship with Him. We wrote these songs to show how people in other countries have no choice but to seek after Jesus for strength, because following Him can cost them their family, friends, and lives. We hope these songs can encourage you to seek after Jesus with a burning passion.

And we also hope to show unbelievers just how real our connection with our “God” is; the fact that there are indeed Christians willing to lose something dear to them for the sake of their relationship with God.


released March 15, 2016

Benjamin Kosanke - vociferating vocals
Lance Sutton - excruciating wavelengths
Written and Recorded 2014-2015



all rights reserved


Deophobic Necrosis


Brutal Music Supporting Those With Brutal Lives

Benjamin Kosanke - All Vocals
Lance Sutton - All Instruments

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Track Name: Corpses Buried Below
Corpses buried below

Selling organs from the butchered
Making profit from the blood

Bringing Christians to the building
Stench in the room blood on the door
Kidneys removed for transplanting
Sawing in two parts on the floor

The butcher slew as the demons called his name
Committing an amygdala hijack


Track Name: Repeatedly Beaten
Repeatedly beaten and fed almost nothing
for not recanting of being a Christian

His Taliban father shouted “You’re an infidel”
Track Name: Sadist Torment
Risking torture and incarceration
For Bible distribution
esteeming their God so highly
willing to die severely

I won’t succumb
To this sadist torment
Even when you rip my nails off
I will not succumb
And denounce my faith
You can kill my family
I will not succumb
To the hate calling me
I will not succumb
Track Name: Thanatophobia
Traveling through war zones
Sharing the love they felt
stopping at a checkpoint
confronted by the soldiers

I’m just a doctor
but take this book
It changed my life
You’ll find His love

He returned hours later
Recognized the soldier
yelling at the doctor
“are they going to shoot us?”
Track Name: Victims of Emaciation
Fleeing to a neighboring city,
Leaving everything behind;
Suffering and starving,
because they do not want to deny their savior.

Lacking food and water
victims of emaciation

Because they do not want to deny their savior
Track Name: Equal Rights: Starve or Freeze
People died everyday
working to clear a way
Few returned from the fields
as they began to freeze to death

One was placed in the gulag
for her faith in her God
guards began to strike her
as she started to minister

Then she returned to the camp and began to
starve because she was denied her broth
she walked over to the place that was forbidden,
but the guard could not move his arm to shoot her
People died everyday
working to clear a way
few returned from the fields
as they began to freeze to death
Track Name: Consumed Alive
They were gathered
ready to give their lives
hungry dogs were brought inside
ready to eat them alive

the cages were opened, the beasts ran free
consuming the humans, head to feet
limbs were torn from the torso
blood started to run freely
Track Name: Violent Interrogation
Led into a private room for questioning
Officer began to punch the leader of the team

Beaten x3

Blood dripping for his face
broken nose fractured rib
gorified orifice
never return to this place
Track Name: Ectopic Fleshless Birth
Father led them inside
And then he locked the door
Could not believe his eyes
What his daughters stood for
He picked up his bludgeon
And he aimed for his girls
Beating and slashing them
They both fell to the floor

“How dare my daughters be born again
I do not care to ever hear of them”

Bleeding mouths swollen lips
Internally bruising
Beaten cold fractured ribs
And painfully aching
One had begun screaming
for help that wouldn’t come
he covered her mouth tightly
until near suffocation

“How dare my daughters be born again
I do not care to ever hear of them again!”
Track Name: Guilty
Guilty, I’m guilty of following Christ
I am prepared to receive whatever suffering you have for me
nothing you can do will cause me to reject His love
Track Name: Boko Haram
His grave is still empty
terrifying brutality
His Mangled, lifeless body
Not having any memories

Boko Haram

He can’t recall attackers hacking
At his arm with a machete

Boko Haram

Or when they were cutting out
His eyeball during the bout

Boko Haram

Suffering wounds from the village raid
Emasculated, his genitals slayed

Mutilated because of his faith
Still to God he continues to pray

Boko Haram disfigured him
But still he chooses to forgive them
Track Name: Trained to Kill
Trained to kill

Kidnapped as a little girl
Brainwashed and abused
276 Chipok girls were abducted

Trained the girls how to shoot
And how to kill somebody

She was raped a couple times, sometimes man after man
Forced to watch her sister executed for not killing a man
Had to recite the Quran always week after week
Forced to leave her Savior and her faith grew weak

Four months later she escaped from the terrorist camp
The night before she would have been married to the man who killed her sister

Trained to kill
Track Name: Suffered for Salvation
“You have only one choice left, will you follow Islam?”
But then a man from the crowd slashed the father’s neck and arms
partly amputated blood spewing from the cuts
He was killed left alone with all his rotting guts

And then they came to him to kill
Pouring gasoline to grill
His flesh as he would burn alive
Because he said “I won’t deny”

Burn in the fire
Suffer for salvation
Reject condemnation
Suffer for salvation
Track Name: Fatherless
Watched his father killed on TV
Among the men shot in Libya
Dressed in orange for all to see
The State posted the video on the web

Who will provide of him
Who will defend his mother
Who will watch over them
Who will keep them safe
Jesus is there for him
God will be his Father
Jesus is there for them
He will keep them safe
(Psalm 68:5-6)
Track Name: Abused But Not Forsaken
Secretly incarcerated
Solitary cell
No window could be opened
To release the fecal smell

Torture by electrocuting
Baton to his face
Forced to listen to brainwashing
Propagandist lies

And he was placed on house arrest
Since 2006
Now he is emotionless
He’s numb with no rest

Missing teeth by malnutrition
Put in jail for “opposition”
To Communism
Abused but not forsaken
Cut down but not destroyed
Track Name: Persecution
"...But others were tortured, refusing to turn from God in order to be set free. They placed their hope in a better life after the resurrection. Some were jeered at, and their backs were cut open with whips. Others were chained in prisons. Some died by stoning, some were sawed in half, and others were killed with the sword. Some went about wearing skins of sheep and goats, destitute and oppressed and mistreated. They were too good for this world, wandering over deserts and mountains, hiding in caves and holes in the ground."
Hebrews 11:35-38